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Take a look at what we have to offer.

We're looking forward to getting every part of your business connected.

What People Say

  • When the rare occasion of an internet issue does arise they deal with it in an efficient and professional manner to minimize any impact on our business.

    Thorston Knees CPA CMA, Cedar Grove Roofing Supply
  • I've rarely had a tech go that far out of his way to help a customer. Thanks for having some of the best techs in the business.

    Paul S. Reid CCSA, CEO, Western Networks Inc.
  • Savox Communications LTD Canada has been partnering with Stargate for 20+ years. ~ The technical abilities of the Stargate team are second to none with abilities in complex routing protocols as well as traffic management (VOIP/QoS etc).

    Matt Wannop Director of IT, Savox Communications LTD Canada
  • We have been a customer of Stargate Connections for the last 6 years, and we have nothing but the highest praise for their services. They manage all networks at our 25 locations and also host a number of our business-critical servers.

    Ivan Beletsky IT Department Manager, Steve Nash Fitness World
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